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As a child of a Maths teacher, I understand the effort required for delivering high-quality Maths education, including setting practice questions, tests, marking homework, and preparing for lessons. It's a huge undertaking, and I commend all Maths educators and departments for their tireless work in providing excellent learning experiences for students.

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Educators and schools are under strain, here’s where we come in.

By 2030, half of SAs Maths teachers will retire.
Between now and 2030, it’s estimated that half of the current teacher workforce will retire. What’s your school’s plan? Every school needs a plan to solve this. The Neo Series plugs in to help your school when a Maths teacher isn’t available. 
South Africa is experiencing a Maths education crisis.
Maths results are the lowest they’ve ever been countrywide - the Neo Series is designed to change that. Did you know that 8/10 learners who use the Neo Series experience a 15-20% increase in their Maths results?
Are you stressed about your workload?
Maths educators save at least 2 hours a week with the Neo Series. Spend more time teaching and less time searching for supplementary resources, helping absent learners catch up and so much more with Neo Series blended learning resources. Including over 2500 carefully curated learning videos and resources.
Educators are overworked & learners have gaps!
Let the Neo Series help you bridge these gaps through teacher-led, technology-enabled learning. Access previous grades’ Maths resources on your school’s dedicated learning environment. Prescribe lessons and quizzes across grades and watch as your learners’ gaps are filled!

What is the Neo Series?

We have created the Neo Series, a flexible blended learning solution aimed at making educators' lives easier and supporting learners in and outside of the classroom. Our goal is to empower educators with helpful resources while enabling learners to support themselves, creating an enhanced and cohesive classroom environment.

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